Understanding the Causes and Ways to Overcome Leucorrhoea During Pregnancy

Leucorrhoea during pregnancy is actually a normal thing and nothing to worry about. It's just that you should know the causes and ways to overcome vaginal discharge during pregnancy to minimize the discomfort that might arise. There are various ways to overcome vaginal discharge during pregnancy. To be sure, you must maintain the cleanliness of the area of your intimate organs properly, so that there is no bacterial infection in the vagina. Causes of Leucorrhoea in Pregnant Women During pregnancy, the cervix and vaginal walls become softer than usual, causing more vaginal mucus production. Mucus production in more quantities than usual is also influenced by high levels of the hormone estrogen in the body. It is also affected by an increase in blood flow to the cervix, which occurs during pregnancy. For those of you who feel vaginal discharge more experienced than usual, no need to panic and worry. As long as the vaginal discharge is clear or milky white and has only a slight
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